[Buddha-l] Re: One Buddhist's perspective on Zionism

Bob Smith bobsmithd70 at yahoo.com
Mon May 23 04:30:31 MDT 2005

"Richard P. Hayes" <rhayes at unm.edu> wrote:
> By the way, how many of you recall reading Ernst Benz's classic
> Buddhism or communism: which holds the future of Asia? back in
> the now-legendary 1960s? At the time I recall that book having a big
> impact on my thinking

As it happens (Sounds like a good name for an early evening radio show!), I just happen to have been wandering Khao San road where in my favorite used book store, to my surprise was a copy of Benz's classic that so moved you in your youth. But wait there's more. Three volumes down on the shelf was a well worn (possibly well read) copy of LONB! I'm a big fan of chaos theory and the probability of coinciding events.

There's just no accounting for some backpackers' reading tastes!



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