[Buddha-l] Supporting Peace

jkirk jkirk at spro.net
Mon May 23 14:19:21 MDT 2005

I just subbed to the FOR because the Buddhist Peace Fellowship is too
expensive --45 bux. The FOR is also already involved in draft counseling.
Good move.
> The Fellowship of Reconciliation, begun in 1914 by Christians hoping to
> head off WWI. It now embraces chapters representing many religions and
> some non-religious groups working together for peace, justice,
> sustainability, etc., and doing so in the open as Buddhists or Jews or
> Methodists or what-have-you. Unless I misread the meaning of Richard's
> words (which is, as we've established, not unlikely), this is just the
> sort of cooperative social action he was calling for.
> http://www.forusa.org/
> Peace,
> Franz

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