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curt curt at cola.iges.org
Tue May 24 10:17:31 MDT 2005

For a somewhat different approach to the question of
religious groups working together with progressives,
leftists, liberals, peaceniks, etc for justice, peace, etc,
see this interview with George Galloway:

Here's how Galloway sums up his viewpoint:

"Whether you believe in God or not, it can hardly be a
bad thing that people want to live their lives by a value
system of peace, which is what in the end religion is.
Religions say, don't harm other people. Treat people as
you would wish to be treated. Don't steal. Don't kill people.
And so on and so on. Well there's nothing wrong with that.
Even if you don't believe in God there's nothing wrong with
that. And a person who sincerely believes that sort of thing
is the kind of person that can be won to a broader progressive

- Curt

jkirk wrote:

>I just subbed to the FOR because the Buddhist Peace Fellowship is too
>expensive --45 bux. The FOR is also already involved in draft counseling.
>Good move.
>>The Fellowship of Reconciliation, begun in 1914 by Christians hoping to
>>head off WWI. It now embraces chapters representing many religions and
>>some non-religious groups working together for peace, justice,
>>sustainability, etc., and doing so in the open as Buddhists or Jews or
>>Methodists or what-have-you. Unless I misread the meaning of Richard's
>>words (which is, as we've established, not unlikely), this is just the
>>sort of cooperative social action he was calling for.
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