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Wed May 25 11:13:59 MDT 2005

Robert Morrison:

> There is no mention in the Pali suttas of old
> Brahma Sahampati being a non-returner.

It is in the Sahampati Sutta of the Sa.myutta Nikaaya (SN.
v. 232-3) that Brahmaa Sahampati describes his practice at
the time of Kassapa Buddha. And its outcome:

kaamesu kaamacchanda.m viraajetvaa kaayassa bhedaa para.m
mara.naa sugati.m brahmaloka.m upapanno

"Having eliminated desire for sensual pleasures, upon the
breakup of the body after death, I was reborn in a good
destination, in the Brahma world."

Compare this with the words of the Suddhaavaasa devas in the
Mahaapadaana Sutta and you will see why the Buddhava.msa
Atthakathaa takes it that Sahampati was an anaagaamii.

If he had been reborn as a Brahmaa only on the basis of
jhaanic mastery, and not ariyan attainment, we can be quite
sure he would have said "aparihiinajjhaano kaala.m katvaa
brahmaloke nibbatti", or words to that effect. And he would
not have spoken of his sensual desire being *eliminated*.

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