[Buddha-l] A social critique of socialised karma doctrine in Thailand

jkirk jkirk at spro.net
Thu May 26 00:20:57 MDT 2005


"Everyone who is rich and powerful was always a good person in their past
life, so they deserve their position. Status quo is highly secured in
Buddhist countries.

Since the amount of merit gained through donation to Buddhist monasteries is
always great, corrupt politicians, mafias, criminals and tyrants enjoy big
publicity for their merit-making ceremonies for Buddhist monks. It is surely
a good way to redeem their sins. Not only does it free them from guilt, but
the ceremony also rubber-stamps their status of authority and respect in

As a result, corrupt politicians and high-ranking criminals enjoy greater
riches and status, as do some monks and monasteries, whereas the public
becomes poorer and disregarded."


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