[Buddha-l] A social critique of socialised karma doctrine inThailand

jkirk jkirk at spro.net
Thu May 26 18:45:20 MDT 2005

The inevitabilityof death is not the point here. It is not relevant to
the sufferings of people left in poverty by the successes of
business, whether big or little business.
Those mafias etc spoken of by the Thai monk who wrote that article
smugly congratulate themselves on their successes and their alleged
merit without even thinking of the others--the poor slaves, cheap employees
and villagers-- who made it possible.

> "The lamp of the Bodhi Mind takes the great compassion as its oil, takes
> great vows as its wick, and takes great wisdom as its illumination. " At
> point of death, this wealth, power and position will all depart into
> emptiness. Death is a certainty for every single one of us.
> The unfolding of this life is a result of seeds planted in past life times
> and the fruit of future rebirths will  result from the seeds of
> vows and wisdom planted in this life.  Cultivate the Bodhi Mind now during
> this wonderful human rebirth. There is no reason to wait.

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