[Buddha-l] Interfaith program, SF Bay Area (San Jose)

jkirk jkirk at spro.net
Tue May 31 09:30:49 MDT 2005

Here's one, oganised by the Silicon Valley Bangladeshi Muslims. If anyone on
this list is living in that area, perhaps you could attend, and send us a
I note that both a Buddhist and a Hindu Vedanta monk are among the invited
participants.  Joanna

Date: June 3, 2005, Friday, Time: 7:00 PM
Location: San Jose Mosque at 325 N. 3rd St, (Cross St. JULIAN), San Jose, CA
7:00 PM:  Dinner,   8:30 PM:  Sunset Prayers,  Presentations:  8:45 PM to
10:15 PM

Hans Kuhn, the famous Catholic theologian said, "There can be no peace among
nations, if there is no peace among religions, and there can be no peace
among religions, if there is no dialogue among religions." The Islamic
Center in San Jose wants to explore how we can dialogue among religions and
solve global issues.

The invited guest speakers are as follows:

Rev. Charles Gibbs
Episcopal Minister, The Canon & Exe. Director of United Religions Initiative

Rev. Heng Sure, Ph.D.
Berkeley Buddhist Monastery & Member on Global Council URI

Rabbi Jay Miller
Coordinator (Exe. Director) of Peninsula Clergy Networks

Swami Vedananda
Hindu Monk, The Vedanta Society of Northern California

Fr. Jose Rubio
Roman Catholic Diocese, San Jose

Iftekhar A. Hai

Can we build cultures of peace, healing and forgiveness or We the people of
the world need to unite.  We have a common destiny on one piece of real
estate, The EARTH.

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