[Buddha-l] Buddhist Bioethics

Dan Lusthaus dlusthau at mailer.fsu.edu
Fri Sep 16 15:18:52 MDT 2005

>  What is the difference between a nursing home and assisted
> living?  The old people call it a nursing home and the kids call it
> living.

Not quite. They house populations with different skill levels and assistance
needs. Once one has declined beyond a certain set of skill levels (e.g.,
being self-ambulatory, able to feed oneself, etc.), one is required by law
to transfer to a nursing home. The biggest difference, however, is the
price. A nursing home's monthly bill dwarfs assisted living (which is hefty
itself -- guaranteed to be higher per month than anyone reading this is
making, at least in certain areas of the US).

Dan Lusthaus

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