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hello Michael/Jayarava/Mahaabaala and all, 

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> Would anyone be able to supply diacritics for the
> following mantra?
> ye dharma hetu prabhava
> hetum tesam tathagato aha
> tesam ca yo nirodha
> evam vadi mahasramanah
> 'ppreciate it.
> Jayarava

Ah, what a lovely verse, the one that got Moggallaana
and Sariputta! Leaving aside whether it's a mantra or
not, the way it would read in Pali is:

ye dhammaa hetupabhavaa
tesa.m hetu.m tathaagataaha
tesa.m ca yo nirodha 
eva.m vaadi mahaasama.no 

I think it can be found at DhA.i.92 and perhaps at
Vin.i.40. I can't check those sources right now.

Where did you run across Skt. version? 

Hope this helps. 

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