[Buddha-l] diacritics for verse (or rather, usage)

Mike Austin mike at lamrim.org.uk
Wed Jul 26 15:19:29 MDT 2006

In message <44C7B113.2090008 at cola.iges.org>, curt <curt at cola.iges.org>
>In Korean Buddhism there is a mantra that is sometimes called "the
>extra mantra" - it goes like this:
>om ho-ro ho-ro saya mot-kye sabaha

This reminds me of the mind-training mantra for giving and taking. There
are two parts representing giving happiness (the sun - gold)  and taking
suffering (the moon - silver). The practice of taking has the mantra:

  om yo hoho anna bota lovrum

In Tibetan, the full practice is known as long-jong and this, the taking
part, is thus the long-jong silver mantra.

Mike Austin

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