[Buddha-l] Off-list nusiance e-mails

Vicente Gonzalez vicen.bcn at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 19:24:08 MST 2007

jkirk wrote:

j> At least i always thought it a simple romantic ballad....
j> but you may have discovered a hidden meaning ~~~~~
j> when i used to listen to the record, i could swear she said 'sing your camel
j> to bed', not 'send' him..camels, not being musical themselves, might enjoy a
j> bit of song~~~~~

ok. Thanks for the clarification. I was confused because the word camel
in my language also it's a drug dealer, and I thought it was the same
in English. Then when reading "Cactus is our friend... Send your camel to
bed", etc... ..
Ok probably you have a cleaner mind than me. :)
I prefer your version anyway.

j> sorry.  couldn't resist after seeing your TM meditating camel.

he is lovely :)

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