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Piya Tan dharmafarer at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 11:24:55 MST 2007

How about some discussion on how we can make some (or any) sense of
all this. After all as Gregory Schopen writings (and also John
Marshall before him) have shown monks minting money near the
Dharmarajika Stupa (in Taxila) even before the Turks ravaged India,
and scholars like Tambiah and Seneviratne write that they are still at
it in various ways even today.

I recall reading sometime back a group of Sri Lanka lay Buddhists who
outright the monks and decide to practise on their own. In fact, I am
trying hard to do this.

For one thing, it is really great we have a forum where this can be
openly discussed, as these are realities we have to deal with somehow.

Piya Tan

On 2/21/07, Richard Hayes <rhayes at unm.edu> wrote:
> On Tuesday 20 February 2007 01:28, Espen S. Ore wrote:
> > Once in a Thai temple here in Norway during recitation the local monk's
> > phone started to ring (in silent mode, just vibrating beside him). Later
> > that day i was driving a Tibetan lama when his phone started to ring,
> > the ring tune was a voice saying "Ring ring, ring ring".
> If only the lama had known about buddhism.about.com. One of the nifty products
> advertised there is a full complement of Buddhist ring tones. (I joke not.)
> Not being a cell phone user, I barely know what a ring tone is, but I'm
> guessing that's the noise I hear coming out of red-faced students' purses or
> backpacks in the middle of class. It's usually a few bars of hip-hop music
> (I'm showing off the fact that this past weekend I learned what hip-hop is)
> or the sound of a NASCAR racer crashing into a wall or something like that.
> (I'm also showing off that I learned what NASCAR is a few minutes ago).
> Speaking of NASCAR, and it's connection to Buddhism, NPR has a story about a
> woman explaining why she thinks a dead racing car driver named Dale
> Earnhardt, alias "The Intimidater", was the Buddha. It's a touching story
> that I'm sure you'll all want to hear. (Have a box of tissues handy to wipe
> away the tears.) The story's at
> http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=7480119
> Anybody have a calendar handy? When is mappo scheduled to end?
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