[Buddha-l] Tibet uprisings: staged violence?

Curt Steinmetz curt at cola.iges.org
Tue Apr 1 10:34:13 MDT 2008

Like all good disinformation, this meme just keeps going:

The claims of the story are that (1) riots in Lhasa were "staged" by the 
Chinese Communist Party, and (2) "British Intelligence" has confirmed this.

No evidence has been presented for either of these claims. None. They 
are simply asserted. That is the main problem with the story. Starting 
from there, one can then try to piece together who is behind this. If it 
was real news, then one would expect real journalists and real media 
organizations to be involved. Gordon Thomas is not a real journalist, 
and the websites that have been promoting the story are either 
right-wing propaganda outfits, or other people who naively accept the 
claims of the story without checking to see if any evidence (whatsoever) 
is provided (including misguided Buddhists and supporters of Tibetan 

Curt Steinmetz

Richard Hayes wrote:
> In a world in
> which everything that used to be considered noble has been turned into a
> commodity or a source of amusement, it might be rash to dismiss stories
> of Chinese soldiers dressed up as monks merely on the grounds that the
> story was written by a journalist who might have a political agenda.
> These days, who doesn't? (Well, I never have political agendas, but in
> this I may not have much company.)

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