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Vicente Gonzalez vicen.bcn at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 17:56:35 MDT 2008

Jackhat1 wrote:

Jac> It is  wonderful to see so many good discussions on buddha-l. It would be
Jac> even  more wonderful to see some of our Asian, European and  antipodean
Jac> subscribers joining Wong Weng-Fai, Piya Tan and Erik Hoogcarspel  in
Jac> giving this forum more diversity of viewpoints of the same high  quality
Jac> as theirs.
Jac> How do you non-US participants see this problem?

I'm happy to contribute to the knowledge-machine before we all become

in a past message, Curt wrote:

CS> Like all good disinformation, this meme just keeps going:
CS> http://english.ntdtv.com/?c=145&a=2492

yes, I have seen this report before in:

CS> The claims of the story are that (1) riots in Lhasa were "staged" by the
CS> Chinese Communist Party, and (2) "British Intelligence" has confirmed this.
CS> No evidence has been presented for either of these claims.

of course. There are more evidence of manipulation in the Western
media in the starting events. It was noted by some Chinese people:

it's clear there is a mixture of interests. There a real popular
support in the World to improve rights and welfare of Tibetan people
and return of exiled. Now finally it is supported by western
Goverments. These manipulations shows that there is an added
motivation to test or debilitate China in his mediatic presentation 
of Games as the new superpower in the world, from here the need to
assure the western indignation and support. Of course the manipulation
in the China press is a traditional phenomena, and Chinese people
eats his own informations.

Question is how the Dalai Lama will manage such interests. These
sloppy efforts of manipulation in the western media are
counterproductive for the Tibetan cause. Dalai Lama has enough moral 
authority in the world and his cause don't need these clumsy helps
to get more support.

As a Buddhist I support the return of Tibetans to their home and
adequate autonomy. This wish is not by political reasons but because
it is a tested, valid peaceful door to improve cultural and social
conditions of these human beings. I don't agree in any way with
presence of monks in street protests because it is against the Dharma
teaching for monks. Street protests with possibility of some chaos
must be managed by lay people. I don't agree with campaigns against
China games because it is not an attitude of auto-defense but of
attack to China. Not the same thing. A justified attack?. Maybe but
attack at all. Also, one can ask why the requests of Dalai Lama in
this sense are ignored by some Tibetan supporters who are apparently
following another view or a parallel campaign.

Finally, it's amazing checking some people who were attackers of
the Lamaist religious myths, structure and practice, and today are
their great defenders.
Hope the future Transhumanist religious monster will have a little
more coherence. Similar interferences in the neural nano-shits will
force engineers to inoculate adequate information to guarantee an
stabilization of the system. Although in general terms, masses are
ready for the coming of the IV Reich and the collective digital
satori. Well, and if this never happens, at least some people will
enjoy the benefits in their fiscal paradises. These temples and his
ancient cult of the genocides is the only one not needing of any
change. Conserved in his original and pristine state, it will be the
only survivor Religion in this world.

best regards,

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