[Buddha-l] Solidarity with Kushinagari Farmers

Jessica Marie Falcone jmf55 at cornell.edu
Sat Apr 26 19:55:48 MDT 2008

Hi Joanna,

Good question:)  In a few weeks/a month I'll sending the link to the
Maitreya Project's main leaders: Tony Simmons, Peter Kedge, and Lama Zopa
Rinpoche (through his attendant).  I will also print it out and mail it to
the project.  I don't know if it will make a difference to them, but it
can't hurt to try.

In addition, I will be sending a print out of the petition and signatures
to my contacts in Kushinagar, so that they know they they have some
international supporters who re standing with them, even if from afar.  I
do think that no matter whether the petition makes a difference to the
Maitreya Project, it will serve as some comfort to the farmers that people
do know, and they do care.


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