[Buddha-l] Purpose of life

Curt Steinmetz curt at cola.iges.org
Thu Aug 28 13:00:41 MDT 2008

For me asking about life's "purpose" is essentially the same as asking 
"how should I live my life?". In fact I would suggest that the latter 
question is better phrased and more likely to give constructive answers.

Many people will pointlessly object to questions about the "purpose" of 
life - focusing on the choice of words rather than on the obvious 
intention behind the inquiry. But most of those people will not insist 
that one should live one's life at random - that it makes no difference 
whatsoever *how* one lives.

So how should one live? At the risk of stating the obvious I would 
venture: (1) try to be of help to others around you and (2) also try to 
have a good time. As corollary I would say that it is important to 
examine one's life and how one lives it to ensure that you are actually 
accomplishing, at least to some extent, both of those "purposes".

Curt Steinmetz

Ben C Diez wrote:
> Dear Buddha-l denizens,
>    I'm  doing  a  research  involving  the  question of
> purpose  and  I would like to know what is your purpose
> of life as Buddhists. In addition, I would also like to
> know how you respond to the Camus's questions, "Is life
> worth living? Why?"
>    Thank  you  very much for your contribution and best
> wishes,

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