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The probable source of the idea translated from a Chinese saying goes -

Bodhisattvas fear causes. (Pu2 Sa4 Wei4 Yin1)
Ordinary beings fear effects. (Zhong4 Sheng1 Wei4 Guo3)

That is to say, while the wise dread planting seeds of negative karma in
the first place (as a preventive measure), the foolish dread the
fruition of unmindfully planted karmic seeds. Yup, prevention is better
than cure of dread of the "disease".

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>"Ordinary people only see the fruits and ignore the causes.
> The wise ones only concern themselves with the causes and ignore the
> fruits."

Quite so. The purpose of the teachings on karma is more to address one's

present behaviour, not to speculate on one's past behaviour. And even 
less to speculate on the behaviour, past or present, of others.

Mike Austin
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