[Buddha-l] Ahh, fame

Bshmr at aol.com Bshmr at aol.com
Mon May 26 09:15:00 MDT 2008

Virtual, not literal, Denizens of buddha-l,
For years, I have been receiving a buddhist inspirational email daily from  
BeliefNet. Each includes a promoted discussion topic as well as a promoted  
'feature' which occasionally teases me to visit.  By the way, nowadays, the  site 
is being transformed into the 'fresh' fantasy of rising entrepreneurs --  
that is, it is exhibiting impermanence.
Over the weekend, I scanned a thread in a Dharma/Dhamma section in the  
BeliefNet Community. It seemed more of a 'comparative religion debate' piece;  the 
primary participant seemed pontifical as well as adversarial. ... Anyway, I  
popped off a brief dismissal, which was answered with additional expounding  
ended with a quoted reference to a denizen of buddha-l. "Damn." What else is  
there to say, about that recognition? 
Other than that, are there any, especially you academics, with aliases  or 
with hidden web-lives that I should know about? <(-:{

Richard Basham

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