[Buddha-l] Sharon Stone and Karma

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Hmmm... If there's such thing as 'luck', there should be some record of
some past Buddha, who, despite having much merits, stumbled upon a spate
of bad luck - e.g. - get crushed in an earthquake?

But no... it just doesn't happen... Good luck? Nay... good karma... too
good in fact, to be killed. There's no case of accidental death or
successful assassination of a Buddha. Interesting.

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It made me cringe to read Sharon Stone blaming China's earthquake on
collective karma, but I don't know...does Buddhism allow for luck, good
bad, or is everything that happens the result of karma? Kind of like in 
physics, where everything is related to everything else by electrons
into each other.  (Maybe that's not a good summary of physics...)
I was actually wondering about Buddhism and luck yesterday, and then
today I 
saw this email.  What a coincidence.  Must be my karma.
Fifteen years or more ago, I was in a park and there was a crazy man
around using a paper cup as a megaphone saying "two earthquakes in three

days, God hates America."  I guess that was his version of "it's their 


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