[Buddha-l] Sharon Stone and Karma

Curt Steinmetz curt at cola.iges.org
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Such things as death, dismemberment, etc, simply don't matter to a 
Buddha anyway (or at least they certainly shouldn't). But one thing that 
*does* matter, probably, is enlightenment itself. And there is a story 
about a Buddha named Daitsu Chiso who was unable to attain enlightenment 
for 10 kalpas! Being a dead Buddha is no big deal. Being an 
unenlightened Budda, however, could be quite embarrassing, or so I would 

Daitsu Chiso is also known as Mahabhijna Jnanabhibhu. His plight is 
taken up in case #9 of the Mumonkan.

Curt Steinmetz

[DPD Web] Shen Shi'an wrote:
> Hmmm... If there's such thing as 'luck', there should be some record of
> some past Buddha, who, despite having much merits, stumbled upon a spate
> of bad luck - e.g. - get crushed in an earthquake?
> But no... it just doesn't happen... Good luck? Nay... good karma... too
> good in fact, to be killed. There's no case of accidental death or
> successful assassination of a Buddha. Interesting.
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> It made me cringe to read Sharon Stone blaming China's earthquake on
> their 
> collective karma, but I don't know...does Buddhism allow for luck, good
> and 
> bad, or is everything that happens the result of karma? Kind of like in 
> physics, where everything is related to everything else by electrons
> bumping 
> into each other.  (Maybe that's not a good summary of physics...)
> I was actually wondering about Buddhism and luck yesterday, and then
> today I 
> saw this email.  What a coincidence.  Must be my karma.
> Fifteen years or more ago, I was in a park and there was a crazy man
> walking 
> around using a paper cup as a megaphone saying "two earthquakes in three
> days, God hates America."  I guess that was his version of "it's their 
> karma."
> Diana
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