[Buddha-l] Buddhist Light Bulb Jokes

Bill Kish wdkish81 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 21 20:56:42 MDT 2009

Joanna Kirkpatrick wrote:
>Actually this list is not just grim, it's about defunct.

Hi Joanna.  I think the problem is that you are still using the
Community Edition of BUDDHA-L. I would contact customer service 
and tell them you want to upgrade to the Professional Edition.  
FYI, the incompatibility between the Hayes and Lusthaus modules 
that has plagued the Community Edition for so many years now also 
exists in the Professional Edition.  They tell me its a "feature" 
- sigh.  Even so, it is well worth the price. Endless hours of
riveting discussion on the finer points of Buddhadharma, and a 
vastly improved anti-prapanca engine as well ! I would share some
of the content, but I opted to sign a non-disclosure agreement in 
order to get an additional discount.  Don't put off the upgrade too 
much longer, however, as the new rates will take effect in 1Q10 (thus
have I heard at the last shareholders pig roast).
Bill Kish


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