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Piya Tan schrieb:
> There are some scholars like Rod Bucknell, Bhante Sujato and Analayo Bhikkhu
> who are doing a comparative study of the Nikayas and the Chinese Agamas with
> some amazing results (if you read Analayo's papers, such as those published
> in the Buddhist Studies Review).

Yes that is right. See also here:


Recently I received the following information on this link:

19 Sep 2006

SuttaCentral: Online Sutta Correspondence Project

Santi Forest Monastery, Bundanoon, NSW, Australia

"SuttaCentral aims at facilitating the study of Buddhist texts from 
comparative and historical perspectives. It focuses on the texts that 
represent 'Early Buddhism', texts preserved not only in the Pali Sutta 
and Vinaya Pitakas but also in Chinese and Tibetan translations and in 
fragmentary remains in Sanskrit and other languages.

SuttaCentral offers a gateway to this material by enabling users to 
quickly identify the Chinese, Tibetan, and/or Sanskrit parallels of any 
given Pali discourse - or vice versa. Having found that information, one 
can then can click on the relevant links and consult the actual texts, 
most of which are accessible from other web-sites. Later we also hope to 
provide direct access to available English translations.

The system focuses initially on providing the correspondence data from 
the perspective of the Pali suttas; that is, given a particular Pali 
sutta, one can find the parallels in other textual languages. Finding 
parallels in the reverse direction will become possible in due course. 
In building SuttaCentral, we plan to work through the nikayas, one by 
one, in the traditional sequence. At present the Digha and Majjhima 
Nikayas are complete. Data on the remaining nikayas will become 
accessible as the relevant research and data-entry work progresses.

The data supplied here offer substantial improvements and additions over 
the pioneering work by Akanuma (Comparative Catalogue of Chinese Agamas 
& Pali Nikayas, 1929) [Chizen Akanuma, The Comparative Catalogue of 
Chinese Agamas and Pali Nikayas. (Nagoya, Japan: Hijinaku-Shobo, 1929; 
reprint, Delhi: Sri Satguru Publications, 1990) - ed.], until now the 
standard reference work in this area. Nevertheless, there is still much 
room for improvement. We therefore invite other scholars working on this 
same early Buddhist material to provide input to SuttaCentral (see 
'Contacts'), so that the material displayed is continually refined for 
greater accuracy and completeness. [...]

Sutta Central was conceived and designed by the collective imaginations 
of Venerable Analayo (Germany), Rod Bucknell (Australia), and Bhante 
Sujato (Australia), based on sutta correspondence tables compiled by Rod 
Bucknell and Ven. Analayo."

Site contents:
* Collections (Pali, Chinese, Tibetan, Sanskrit, Prakrit, Gandhari, 
Khotanese, Uighur); * Search (Help, by Name, by Abbreviation and number, 
by Volume/Page reference); * Vision Statement; * Contacts.

URL http://www.suttacentral.net/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.suttacentral.net/

Bhikshuni Jampa Tsedroen

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