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Tue Sep 29 03:39:38 MDT 2009

Margaret Gouin wrote:

> However, no one yet seems to have compiled a list of which suttas are
> actually in the Kanjur. Or maybe I just haven't looked enough yet. I'm
> pretty sure I remember being told that neither the Kalama Sutta nor the
> Satipatthana Sutta are there.

As far as I remember Peter Skilling is working on a concordance. Some 
years back I have ordered some of the books he published on this for our 
Tibetan Centre Hamburg library. I will try to find it for you when I go 
to the Centre on Thursday, unless somebody else can provide you with a 
more detailed information before.

With regard to Tibetan texts comparable to the Satipatthana Sutta I 
would expect more details from the following works:

Schmithausen, Lambert. "Die vier Konzentrationen der Aufmerksamkeit. Zur 
geschichtlichen Entwick­lung einer spirituellen Praxis des Buddhismus." 
In: Zeitschrift für Missions­wissenschaft und Religions­wissenschaft, 60 
(1976), 241-266.

Satipaṭṭhāna, the Direct Path to Realization, Birmingham: Windhorse, 
2003, 319 pages.
- Asian edition Kandy: Buddhist Publication Society, 2003.
- Chinese trsl.: 念處 - 邁向涅槃的直捷道路, Taiwan: Luminary Institute 
(in preparation).
- Dutch trsl.: Asoka Publishers (in preparation).
- German trsl.: Der Direkte Weg der Achtsamkeit, Satipaṭṭhāna, 
Herrnschrot: Beyerlein & Steinschulte, 2009.
- Hungarian trsl.: Szatipatthana - A megvalositas egyenes utja, Budapest 
Buddhist University, 2007.
- Korean trsl.: Meditation Counselling Research Institute (in preparation).
- Sinhala trsl. (partial): ¥pK ¡ [for singhalese see here: 

Sri Lanka: Nissarana Vanaye, 2003.

Jampa Tsedroen

Bhikshuni Jampa Tsedroen

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