[Buddha-l] The Pali-Tibet Connection

Jampa Tsedroen JampaTsedroen at gmx.de
Tue Sep 29 05:42:54 MDT 2009

Jampa Tsedroen wrote:

> Margaret Gouin wrote:
>> However, no one yet seems to have compiled a list of which suttas are
>> actually in the Kanjur. Or maybe I just haven't looked enough yet. I'm
>> pretty sure I remember being told that neither the Kalama Sutta nor the
>> Satipatthana Sutta are there.
> As far as I remember Peter Skilling is working on a concordance. 

Here is the information:

Skilling, Peter. ed. 1994. Mahāsūtras: great discourses of the Buddha. 
Vol. 1: Texts: critical editions of the Tibetan Mahāsūtras with Pāli and 
Sanskrit counterparts as available (Sacred Books of the Buddhists 44). 
Oxford : Pali Text Society.

Skilling, Peter. 1997. Mahāsūtras: great discourses of the Buddha. Vol. 
2: General introduction/Individual introductions (Sacred Books of the 
Buddhists 46). Oxford: Pali Text Society.

Jampa Tsedroen

Bhikshuni Jampa Tsedroen

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