[Buddha-l] Eckhart and Buddhism - general question and question on dying

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Wed Aug 4 17:38:04 MDT 2010

> lemmett at talk21.com
> writes:
> I am not at all knowledgeable about Meister Eckhart but am
> currently  
> intrigued by his suggestion to always expect to find god. I
> have read the  Koyoto 
> school mentioning him in Religion and Nothingness and the
> Nothingness  
> Beyond God. I think it went over my head a bit.
> ==
> My favorite Eckhart quote is, you have to bust through God
> to get to God.  
> To me, it is very Buddhist.
> jack

I hope I don't sound too pseudo philosophical but I was struck by the chance that I like this quote because it would be very sad for a Christian to find god but not know that they have. Isn't that a problem, that no one can ever expect many to agree with anything interesting; I'm thinking of stuff like "this is good" rather than the earth orbiting the sun. Maybe its my own fault for being so gullible. 
Related to that, I wanted to know of anything similar to the 14 moments involved in death and rebirth, or the death-thought. I heard of this from Steven Collins' Selfless Persons but would like something in more detail in English? The point is that I was wondering if the death thought or some equivalent could be a permanent state, though that's probably shoehorning Buddhism into a common secular conception of death as "slipping into the night". Thank you very much for the help and any reply.

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