[Buddha-l] Eckhart and Buddhism - general question and question on dying

Erik Hoogcarpel jehms at xs4all.nl
Thu Aug 5 03:54:13 MDT 2010

On 05-08-10 01:38, lemmett at talk21.com wrote:
>> My favorite Eckhart quote is, you have to bust through God
>> to get to God. 
>> To me, it is very Buddhist.
An interesting question would be: Why?
> because it would be very sad for a Christian to find god but not know that they have.
The opposite seems to be much worse, but might be much more common.
>   Isn't that a problem, that no one can ever expect many to agree with anything interesting; I'm thinking of stuff like "this is good" rather than the earth orbiting the sun. Maybe its my own fault for being so gullible.
Whether something is interesting or not depends on preconceptions. 
Christians find God very interesting, Buddhists don't, others find 
soccer interesting and others again baseball. Fact is that people share 
many preconceptions, agree about what is interesting and have common 


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