[Buddha-l] buddha-l Digest, Vol 66, Issue 7

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 8 14:57:43 MDT 2010

> Considering the way universities operate over there (now almost
> comparable to here), perhaps it would be best to leave the ruins
> to our imaginations.
> Joanna

Nalanda is in current-day Bihar province -- very poor and one of India's 
more dangerous regions. While highway robbers kidnap and ransom off tourists 
and out of towners, academics who work in Bihar complain bitterly of the 
corruption.. funds allocated by the govt. for certain programs never 
"arrive" at their destinations, etc.

There is already a Nalanda "Open" University, specializing in long distance 
learning, but with more stress on computers, etc. than on Buddhism:


Those unfamiliar with the present state of the ruins of the old time Nalanda 
might enjoy these pictures:



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