[Buddha-l] Influence of media on the brain

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Wed Aug 18 01:42:07 MDT 2010

Op 18-08-10 04:10, JKirkpatrick schreef:
>   Mr.
> Kramer also mentions a personal discovery: "I have a colleague
> who says that I'm being very impolite when I pull out a computer
> during meetings. I say: 'I can listen.' "
> So, nobody ever thought of this before, until these guys came
> along?
> As for people one is conversing with turning to their cell phones
> or
> palm pilots or whatever, to me this is the acme of interpersonal
> crudity.
> Digital tech has led to an escalation of rudeness in human
> behavior.
Some time ago people with shaven heads and thick wallets assured 
everybody that etiquette and good manners were totally old fashioned and 
not American. Now academics invent stories about braincells and neurons 
to assure us that good manners are good for productivity and make people 
live longer and happier. In the near future someone will tell us that 
good manners are only good manners if motivated by respect for our 
fellow beings. And after some time people will tell us once again that 
good manners are useless. This is called progress.


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