[Buddha-l] Influence of media on the brain

JKirkpatrick jkirk at spro.net
Wed Aug 18 08:07:01 MDT 2010


Some time ago people with shaven heads and thick wallets assured
everybody that etiquette and good manners were totally old
fashioned and not American. Now academics invent stories about
braincells and neurons to assure us that good manners are good
for productivity and make people live longer and happier. In the
near future someone will tell us that good manners are only good
manners if motivated by respect for our fellow beings. And after
some time people will tell us once again that good manners are
useless. This is called progress.

Argh--too true, Erik. 

Another manifestation (or infestation?) of strange manners can be
heard on NPR radio, when the usual reply to "Thanks for being on
the show", or thanks (for anything), is "My pleasure." 
Wondering when that stupid reply was invented. Pleasure, has been
First time I ever heard that compassionate utterance (karuna
being mentioned for obligatory content here), was as my eye doc
was leaving the examining room. At first I thought, Gee, is he
coming on to me? (He was my age--thirties-- and unmarried at that
time. Sigh.) 

What ever happened to "You're welcome"? Recently, I heard it said
once on NPR--what a shock.


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