[Buddha-l] Oops--Article is from NY Times

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 22 06:39:46 MDT 2010

The article appeared on August 20th. It can be found at


and includes a photo of the Zen Studies Society monastery, and a correction 
(which will be appreciated by Baker Roshi fans), dated Aug. 22nd:

'An earlier version of this article erroneously referred to Katy Butler's 
1990 article "Encountering the Shadow in Buddhist America." She did not 
include Richard Baker in her description of public alcoholism among American 
Buddhist leaders.'

This has been a hot topic among Western Buddhists from time to time, and 
discussed on this list in detail more than once. The article is right about 
one thing -- neither in Asia nor the West has the Sangha been either eager 
or effective at curtailing and weeding out such behavior.


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Oops--article on sex scandals is from NY Times. It was forwarded to me.

Katherine Masis

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