[Buddha-l] Oops--Article is from NY Times

Piya Tan dharmafarer at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 09:04:18 MDT 2010


Don't you think the term "sangha" should be reserved for a celibate
community (as it has historically has been). Of course, etymologically
sangha means "herd," an dby extension, "tribe." But in the Buddhist
canonical texts of almost all the traditions, the term sangha refers to a
celibate sangha.

As we know none of the the Zen priests technically celibate. By 1872
nikujiki saitai law, all Budhdist priests were "free" to marry, drink, and
only need to wear their robes when performing ceremonies.

As such, "community" or even "church" would better apply the Zen social
structure in the US (or Japan).

Anyway, this does not mitigate the sexual improprieties involvIng such Zen
priests (incl Richard Baker, whom Stuart Lachs and others have well
documented). Shimano somehow keeps slipping away (until now?)

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