[Buddha-l] Oops--Article is from NY Times

Stuart Lachs slachs at att.net
Sun Aug 22 11:35:04 MDT 2010

Piya Tan wrote:

> Shimano somehow keeps slipping away (until now?)
> From the materials available, I think the Zen community leaders have 
> learned
> great lessons, responded very well in resolving issues, and we now see
> greater maturing of the Buddhist attitudes in the US.

Yes and no to your comment. In the last month or so, I have heard of two 
troubling cases that
occured in the mid-west. One case was handled very responsibly with the 
roshi being forced to leave,
while all members remained. The other case was close to the old ostrich move 
of sticking their
heads in a hole and then saying we don't see anything. Some members left, 
but most stayed and
merrily they roll along until maybe the next incident. In my opinion, the 
Board of Directors of this organization
acted as irresponsibly as have the BoDs of the Zen Studies Society, 
Shimano's organization, have for the
last forty years or so.

The Shimano case is in the news these days, but it is not because the Zen 
has acted any differently than they have in the past. In fact two outspoken 
members of the
American Zen Teachers Ass. (AZTA) have been very openly defending Shimano 
while attacking
the messengers.


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