[Buddha-l] Is this true?

Justin Whitaker buddhistethics at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 25 00:09:52 MDT 2010

Dear Dan, et al.

The comparison of apples to oranges (and 'arrogant' Hinayana) is made by
Shen Shi'an, *not* Gombrich.

Gombrich discusses this in his latest work, "What the Buddha Thought"
(pp.99-104) as well and he is clear that he is talking about physical
manuscript evidence and not confusing it with dates of origin.

He is quite clear as well that much of the Pali canon must date to the
Buddha, whereas I'm sure he would say that clearly the Lotus Sutra is a
later fabrication. Likewise, he suggests that even some of
the received texts of the Pali canon exhibit signs of having been worked
over by later thinkers.


Justin w.
Justin Whitaker
PhD Candidate, Buddhist Ethics
Goldsmiths, University of London

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