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Someone sent me the below.
Does anyone have any thoughts to share on it?
Does anyone know where to get more info on this, if it's valid?


Richard Gombrich, Foremost Expert on the Pali Texts, Reveals the
Truth that the Hinayana Buddhists Don't Want You To Know

"Modern editors of the Pali Canon, however, have generally
contented themselves with trying to establish a textus receptus
or 'received text'. Let me explain. Most of our physical evidence
for the Pali Canon is astonishingly recent, far more recent than
our physical evidence for the western classical and biblical


Therefore, according to this reliable information, the Sanskrit
text of the Lotus Sutra is older than the Pali texts that the
Hinayana Buddhists arrogantly claim to be the only authoritative
texts of the Buddha.

There is no link findable, in google anyway, for the first
publication of this remark by Gombrich.
The only link available, which was posted as a comment on
moonpointer site, is this from another website owned by Mark
Rogow. Maybe you should ask him where he got it:

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