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> Someone sent me the below.
> Does anyone have any thoughts to share on it?
> Does anyone know where to get more info on this, if it's valid?
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> Richard Gombrich, Foremost Expert on the Pali Texts, Reveals the
> Truth that the Hinayana Buddhists Don't Want You To Know
> "Modern editors of the Pali Canon, however, have generally
> contented themselves with trying to establish a textus receptus
> or 'received text'. Let me explain. Most of our physical evidence
> for the Pali Canon is astonishingly recent, far more recent than
> our physical evidence for the western classical and biblical
> texts.
> [clip]
> Therefore, according to this reliable information, the Sanskrit
> text of the Lotus Sutra is older than the Pali texts that the
> Hinayana Buddhists arrogantly claim to be the only authoritative
> texts of the Buddha.
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> There is no link findable, in google anyway, for the first
> publication of this remark by Gombrich.

The quote is from Gombrich's  *How Buddhism Began* (1996), pp. 8-9.

Here is a Google Books link:

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