[Buddha-l] Oops--Article is from NY Times

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Sun Aug 29 05:04:13 MDT 2010

Op 29-08-10 02:49, Dan Lusthaus schreef:

> One
> doesn't necessarily think of "Heaven" literally, as an agent or otherwise,
> when one utters "Heaven forefend" or "heaven forbid".
Heaven forbid!

There´s an aspect that has not been mentioned. The sin in Judaism and 
it´s offspring is a family or tribal affair and it stays. God doesn´t 
forgive. That´s just a principle matter. Since Adam and Eve got into a 
curious game with apples and snakes, every human being that is born is 
equipped with their sin. Only God´s own family has clean hands. That´s 
why only His Son could take away this and yet, if a child is not 
baptised it is destined for hell. The Hindu concept of pāpam is more 
businesslike. You have to do some time, but eventually you can get rid 
of it. And if you´re clever you even can get rid of all, or pay it all 
off. Copying sutras, reciting mantras, doing all kinds of rituals are 
all effective means. And it´s your very own business, no scapegoats, no 
hereditary sins. I think this makes Hindus look very differently at evil.


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