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Judaism does not believe in original sin. Be careful not to conflate Judaism and Christianity  

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> Op 29-08-10 02:49, Dan Lusthaus schreef:
>> One
>> doesn't necessarily think of "Heaven" literally, as an agent or otherwise,
>> when one utters "Heaven forefend" or "heaven forbid".
> Heaven forbid!
> There´s an aspect that has not been mentioned. The sin in Judaism and 
> it´s offspring is a family or tribal affair and it stays. God doesn´t 
> forgive. That´s just a principle matter. Since Adam and Eve got into a 
> curious game with apples and snakes, every human being that is born is 
> equipped with their sin. Only God´s own family has clean hands. That´s 
> why only His Son could take away this and yet, if a child is not 
> baptised it is destined for hell. The Hindu concept of pāpam is more 
> businesslike. You have to do some time, but eventually you can get rid 
> of it. And if you´re clever you even can get rid of all, or pay it all 
> off. Copying sutras, reciting mantras, doing all kinds of rituals are 
> all effective means. And it´s your very own business, no scapegoats, no 
> hereditary sins. I think this makes Hindus look very differently at evil.
> erik
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