[Buddha-l] Bot being able to imagine annihilation [confused]

lemmett at talk21.com lemmett at talk21.com
Tue Jun 1 10:25:27 MDT 2010

Well my motivation is that I think that there is especially good reason to think that people can't be annihilated from the inside. 
My question, is whether this is non Buddhist and if not what else does the Buddha say about phenomenological annihilation. I am interested in an answer from any form of Buddhism; so that's whether there is agreement on the issue or who disagrees with who.

That might appear confusing again so I'll add what I think I already know Buddhists believe about annihilation. The Buddha argued against annihilation but it is not clear (to me) if this was just because of the presuppositions of annihilationists or whether I am right and phenomenological mortality is inconceivable. He gave a four fold negation of his existence after death but again I don't understand whether this means I am right and phenomenological mortality is inconceivable or even if it does or does not occur.
I hope that is clearer.


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