[Buddha-l] Not being able to imagine annihilation [confused]

lemmett at talk21.com lemmett at talk21.com
Tue Jun 1 10:26:22 MDT 2010

>> Is there no conceivable alternative to the tetralemma or just no  
>> alternative at all?

>According to Nagarjuna, the four alternatives cover all possible  
>answers that can be given to a question.

>> If the latter I just don't understand

>So tell me in what ways your life would be improved if you did  

>> unless I accept that there is no tathagata that dies...

>Perhaps there is no tathagata. So how can something that does not  
exist die?

>Think of presuppositional failure. It may help take some of the  
mystery out of the enigma.

>Remember this: Buddhism is incompatible with mystery. If you find this  
mysterious, you're not yet thinking as a Buddhist.

I do understand what is meant by a presuppositional failure but the only presupposition that I can think of that might be wrong is that in fact there is no tathagata that dies. However this seems very mysterious and so I wanted to think more like a Buddhist about this.


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