[Buddha-l] Conservative and liberal Buddhists

Franz Metcalf franz at mind2mind.net
Thu Jun 3 14:21:36 MDT 2010

Margaret et al.,

You wrote two things I'd like to touch on.

> Online journals such as JBE and JGB show that it can be different.

As buddha'l's resident representative of the JGB, I thank you. Now,  
more important:

> I've just started the process of trying to pull an article from a
> publication (very prestigious) that is already three years late in
> appearing because I'd rather get the article out there than wait
> (indefinitely) for it to appear (maybe) in a big multivolume
> collection (which will be so expensive that I anticipate very few
> people or even libraries will buy it).

Good for you! My first published piece (other than books reviews) was  
a chapter in Continuum's _Buddhist Spirituality II_, edited by Paul  
Swanson at Nanzan. I recall that in the process of polishing that  
chapter I called up Robert Buswell, who was by then a tenured  
professor at UCLA. He answered some questions and asked me where my  
chapter was going to appear. I told him and he laughed out loud. He  
then said he himself had a chapter in the same collection, written  
when he was still a grad student at least six or eight years earlier!  
When I told Paul Swanson this story he was mercifully and comically  
reluctant to name names or cite reasons; he was just deeply grateful  
the thing was at last going to be done. Another year later it was.

Perhaps most importantly, please consider the JGB as a venue for  
publishing your article. Yes, we are not so prestigious, but I do  
believe we are pretty widely read. And we can get your article through  
peer review and published on our site in a matter of a few months at  
the *longest*.

Good wishes,


(Writing from the perspective of)
Review Editor, Journal of Global Buddhism

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