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Worked for me------------after reading some of the google pages I
just bought a copy via amazon.com.


I don't know that 12 pages plus TOC is largely available, but
reading them led me to think of you as a lucid and helpful
writer.  I suspect that sales of the complete idiot's guide have
been increased by having a fairly extensive section available for

Bob Woolery, DC
326 deAnza dr
Vallejo, CA  94589
(707)557 5471
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You might not but I find it interesting how 3 (three) of books
with my name on them are largely available online for free at ...
http://books.google.com (search under my name ... or try your
own) ... one of these three is very much in print (but is a
does Mr. Google honestly think that lets him off the copyright
hook, since that's actually multiple copyrights -- the author's
and the translators' and the publisher's ) ... one of which is in
print (but in  short print runs) ... and one in a newer edition
(the 1st edition of which somebody revalorized into a
downloadable eboook without asking) ...  ... "limited preview"
google calls it ...  " ¿ pre-view ? " ... ¿ of coming attractions
... "limited" but exactly what limitations ...

... here's another example, (please, don't slay the messenger
here — I'm just saying) ... : ...http://alturl.com/fk64 ...

Gary Gach
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