[Buddha-l] Being unable to imagine dying [confused]

JKirkpatrick jkirk at spro.net
Sat Jun 5 10:31:21 MDT 2010

Mr Lemmet's continuing refusal to engage any of the points anyone
has made with respect to his persistent repetition of the same
old question/comment strongly suggests that he's
putting us all on. Even the surname is a pun. 
Pun or Fun is neither pun/fun, nor not pun/fun, I guess. Have
pfun, mr lemma.


"The fifth person at the table was Mr Lemmet, the Bishop of
Wintenbury's chaplain. Quiet and untalkative but invariably
attentive, he had been well-chosen for his present position."

"'I have always found exorcisation a very powerful rite!' the
Colonial Bishop assured Mr Lemmet as they surveyed the debris."


"Freud did think that we can't imagine our own deaths because we
have to smuggle in ourselves as observers that imagine it. I'm
not sure I think that is much more than an observation though -
not an argument.
Merleau-Ponty says something similar that "neither my birth nor
my death can appear to me as my experiences..." in the
Phenomenology of Perception and Derrida says something similar in
Aporias. More interesting still is that Goethe agreed and may
have concluded he was immortal."

To me the question would be: and then, so what, fuck it (a book
i'm reading at the moment is 'F**k it' by John C. Parkin **
: what is next?

But then again, i'm not that much of a believer so that might be
just a limitation once again.

I disagree as well. Ego is not non-existing, neither existing.
Not in life, not in death, not in between. Observation can, but
does not have to be part of 'ego'. But then i turn to the same
point of stuckness, something you might recognize yourself.

cheers ;-)

Milton said: "They also serve who only stand and wait."

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