[Buddha-l] gChod on Dutch radio

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Sun Jun 6 10:03:58 MDT 2010

a member of this list, Henk Blezer, wil be interviewed about different 
kinds of gchod (གཅོད) in Buddhist and Bon traditions on Dutch radio on 
Sunday 13th at 22:30 - 23:00 local time. Those who understand Dutch can 
listen to it on the Net at http://www.radio5.nl/ . Perhaps Henk will at 
one time give outline of what he had to say for others on the list? 
There will also be sound recordings of a kind of gchod that has nearly 
The other day I showed my students a movie called 'Aghori', picturing 
the life of this kind of 'gothic punk' sadhu. One of my students asked 
if he had a license for living on the cremationground and smearing the 
ashes of burned beloved ones on his body. This illustrates the distance 
we have between our society and the classic Indian one. The foundation 
who organizes Henk's interview also has a program (the Boeddhistische 
Omroep Stichting, the same address on the 12th at 15:02 - 16:00) about 
Dutch gchodpa's going to churchyards at night to to do their ritual. I 
think they will need a license... and a reality check.


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