[Buddha-l] Why imagine dying [confused]?

JKirkpatrick jkirk at spro.net
Sun Jun 6 10:33:43 MDT 2010

Ok scholars: would someone kindly offer the Pali terms used in
this text for the following terms found in the 2d sermon cited by
I ask only because I'm surprised that the Buddha's use of these
terms suggests that he knew some poetics (and that before he left
home for the homeless life he's seen a few puppet shows), and
also because I just want to know the terms, e.g., what's the
difference between  terms for jungle and for wilderness (or were
these Eng. terms supplied by the translator(s):

	"the theory that the saint neither exists nor does not
exist after 
	 death, is a [jungle, a wilderness, a puppet-show]" 

Thanks in advance, mid-elephantly speaking and so pedantically
yours, Joanna


Here is a thing you can read that, I believe, purports to give
the Buddha's own answer to your questions. I have yet to get this
far past Sermon One in my own understanding. There is more
Buddhism here than I yet understand,


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