[Buddha-l] Spinning Retreats

R B Basham bshmr at aol.com
Sun Jun 6 11:00:29 MDT 2010

My Fellow Members (-: ,

Loose science coupled with lousy reporting though perhaps 'fun' to play

No mention of urine residuals of ink and paper which incidentally have
been attributed to licking and ingesting articles featuring the USAn
Palin (of palingenesis, not metempsychosis, etc. -- for the academics
who do not practice). 

Richard Basham

PS: Anyone read FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting) on 60 examples
of distortions (including suppression) in medical knowledge? Probably
not, only one paper/chain reported the report. Right Speech can be
troublesome, which is another topic. 



A Buddhist Monk's Vegetarian Diet to Minimize Chemical Exposure
by Jessica Root - Brooklyn, NY on 06. 5.10

Weekday vegetarians ready to ramp up their meatless-ness may find
inspiration in this recently released study in Environmental Health
News. For five days, 25 study participants dwelled in a Buddhist temple
and adopted a monk's lifestyle--including their oftentimes veggie-based

Prior to their temple stay participants were asked to reveal what they
had eaten during the previous 48 hours (consumables included beef, pork
and dairy) and give urine samples. The results...



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