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Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Mon Jun 7 07:45:55 MDT 2010

Thanks Lidewij, for sharing this. I have heard similar stories even from 
very sceptic and materialistic people. Often also there are strange 
things with electricity. I remember that even medical science has some 
evidence of states of consciousness that are not detectable by current 
methods. Sometimes people revive after having been diagnosed braindead. 
It reminds me of the early Samkhya philosophy, where the ego is a 
product of buddhi or intelligence, which is a product of puruśa or mind. 
Was not one of the teachers of the Buddha supposed to be a Samkhyin?


Op 07-06-10 11:50, Lidewij Niezink schreef:
> As far as death is concerned, the closest peak I had at it was when
> one of my sisters got brutally murdered and I had to get to terms with
> that afterward. After the section on her body we took her home with
> us, washed her body and put her on a (cooled) bed. The next morning I
> was the first to wake up. I went down into the room where she was and
> immediately panicked. There was fear and anger all over the place (or
> was it just me?). So I went upstairs to tell my mother that my sister
> was not dead, that we could not bury her this way, and that something
> had to be done. Many people have stayed with the body for the next
> three days and three nights, many things have happened and during the
> last morning before her funeral, her facial muscles had relaxed and we
> could bury her in peace. Why all this? Because from that moment onward
> I 'knew' that death is a process, not a moment in time.
> cheers,
> Lidewij

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