[Buddha-l] Confused

JKirkpatrick jkirk at spro.net
Mon Jun 7 12:03:09 MDT 2010

On Jun 7, 2010, at 8:57 AM, JKirkpatrick wrote:

> Yes, and how about the accounts of kin burying a person's
> corpse that suddenly sits up as the dirt is shoveled, and says,
> happened?------ ??? These are what's scary about contemporary
> death decisions.

And which explains why I am contemplating cremation. I don't
actually like dust very much though. Perhaps I could be mixed
with concrete and made into a nice statue of something. When I
was a kid I thought I would like to be eaten by a bear and return
to the life-cycle immediately, but that option has seemed less
attractive as I got older.

Cremation is scarier if one isn't dead when the deed is done. I'd
rather be suffocated than burned to death. So the really scary
question is still, what if they were wrong--what if you weren't
dead? --pace those folks who allegedly left this list because of
me--sorry I'm still alive, but who knows......... 

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