[Buddha-l] Confused

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Tue Jun 8 01:47:29 MDT 2010

I think that farting is a good contraceptive for otherwise attractive 
persons, but science and technology has found a cure, see
Apart from the fact that putting people into monasteries has a 
significant effect on the growth of the population, making young people 
go to school and force them learn a lot of nonsense by heart also has a 
strong effect. Therefore the Hindus invented the study of the Vedas and 
Buddhism invented Abhidarmastudies.


Op 08-06-10 03:17, JKirkpatrick schreef:
> What does work? Well, leaving aside the fact that in the Buddha's
> time there was no fertility control available, what seems to work
> for a lot of contemporary women in curbing lust is the boring
> attention&  equipment needed to prevent conception, for a start.
> Then, there are all the other social and karmic considerations.
> Doesn't stop a lot of us, unfortunately.
> However, one does notice that mostly Buddhist countries are less
> overpopulated than mostly non-Buddhist countries. Family sizes
> overall are smaller in, say, Tibet and Bhutan, or Vietnam, then
> they are in India, Bangladesh or _____________ fill in the
> blanks.
> Joanna

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