[Buddha-l] Process self - was Being unable to imagine dying [confused]

Randall Jones randall.bernard.jones at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 14:35:06 MDT 2010

Dan, can you point me toward this "process self" work you mention? 
I'm interested.

I was quite taken by Derek Parfit when I took a seminar with him 
years ago and suppose you could call his work "process self". I 
rather thought he was a Buddhist too, but you never know. I was 
pleased to find Reasons and Persons in my storage unit when I 
returned to the U.S. earlier this year and might even read him again.

More recently, I've started reading Charles Hartshorne and John Cobb 
(and other "process theology" folks, and while I never for a minute 
have thought they were Buddhist, there does seem to me to be a 
certain harmony. 9I UST A



At 03:10 PM 6/9/2010, Dan wrote:
>The "process self" that analytic philosophy has adopted to solve problems of
>selfhood has also been embraced by those doing "Buddhism" through analytic
>prisms. Nevermind that Buddhists were aware of the process option and
>explicitly rejected it.

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