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H. Guenther's Philosophy and Psychology of the Abhidharma is a very good 
overview -- insightful and thorough. Dhammajoti's three books are also 

Bhikkhu KL Dhammajoti. _Sarvastivada Abhidharma_.University of Hong Kong, 
2009, 4th revised edition.
[Excellent and detailed presentation of the debates between the 
Abhidharmists, using Skt, TIb. Chinese and Pali sources]

Bhikkhu KL Dhammajoti. _Entrance into the Supreme Doctrine: Skandhila's 
Abhidharmavatara_ University of Hong Kong, 2008, 2nd revised edition
[translation and study of the Abhidharmavatara, a key Sarvastivada text that 
influenced Vasubandhu.]

Bhikkhu KL Dhammajoti. _Abhidharma Doctrines and Controversies on 
Perception_. University of Hong Kong, 2007, 3rd revised edition.
[Like the title says, abhidharmic debates related to theories of perception, 
epistemology, etc. -- Should be must reading for all pramanavadins, since 
this is from whence Dignaga, etc. derived.]

Good luck with the course.


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> Would anyone recommend a text for undergraduate and graduate courses on
> Abhidharma, in addition to the Abhidharmakosha, Abhidharmasamuccaya,
> and Pancaskandha?
> Thanks in advance for suggestions.
> Best wishes,
> Konchog Dorje
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